Kids Crafts: Red, White and Trike

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Kids Crafts: Red, White and Trike

May 10, 2019

When parade season arrives, Radio Flyers can be spotted on every Main Street USA. The classic red combined with our American heritage make Radio Flyer the perfect parade float. Wagons are a classic choice, but if your kids can un-buckle their own seat belts, it may be time for some independence. A tricycle is just the right level of freedom from mom and dad, and a red trike is the perfect parade ride. With a few decorations, your entire family will be parade-ready. 


The same essential wagon decorating materials work great for trikes. Crepe paper, tape, flags and garland will get your family ready to go on any set of wheels. 


Wrapping wheel spokes is a fun weaving process that instantly makes a trike parade-worthy. Practicing the over-under movement with the crepe paper is a great new challenge for older kids. When they start off down the sidewalk, the motion of the spinning wheels will make all the colors fly. 











Sparkle glam is another approach; shiny garland wrapped around a trike frame will make any trike rider shine; especially if you have a bright, sunny parade day.  

For the final touch, encourage your kids to take advantage of their own motion: American flags look very patriotic AND they will flap when the paraders start riding. 










Radio Flyer wagons are an American parade staple, and a red trike is a great way to mix things up. How will your family parade this year?